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Orena also provide inspection service for customers.
We all know that without any preparation,the risk in trade will be very high. The main risk is from the Multi-layer supply chain.
The risk from multi-layer supply chain
a. Storehouse of some suppliers: there are some bad materials, and those materials are intentionally or not intentionally mixed with the normal materials.
b. The product lines of manufacturing: because different product lines put on a workshop, it is too difficult to manage those lines at the same time.
c. The quality control of some OEM: They can not make sure the goods is pass, for each shipment.

The status and solutions
The manufacturer should prepare their products information documents. The importers can verify their suppliers in two ways.

  1. Carry on the process audit by self or third part, to make sure the factory have eligible ability to production.
  2. Inspect the goods, the price and periods are important to inspection.

For the importers, the best choice is fast, effective and cheap inspection to double check the high risk point in each shipment.

What the Orena Inspection Service can do

    • 1.No more repeat the testing like manufacture model,
    • 2.Avoid the high price for inspection,
    • 3.Reduce the testing period,
    • 4.Inspect each shipment for you, and make the inspection suitable for the export period
    • Simulate custom officials to conduct screening analysis, and then reduce the risk of       passing the customs.
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