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Conventional Fire Alarm Controller PanelODH1000

Product Overview

The ODH1000 Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel is a 24volt, 4/8/16 -zone, Class B, Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel. Designed exclusively to meet the latest market requirements and future ULC codes, the highly cost-effective ODH1000 can be used in a variety of low- to mid-sized applications.


 4/8/16 Style B (Class B) Initiating Device Circuits (IDCs).
– All zones accept two-wire smoke detectors and any normally-open contact devices.
– Zones 1 – 4/8/16 configured as general alarm zones.
 All circuits are power-limited and supervised, meeting the latest ULC requirements using fuseless technology.
 Two built-in, Style Y (Class B) Notification Appliance (Signal) Circuits (NACs).
 NACs may be programmed:
– Silenceable
– Non-Silenceable.
– Auto-Silence (program 5 to 20 minutes)
 1.25 amps of NAC power
 3.0 amps of total system power
 Alarm, Trouble and Supervisory, Form-C relays standard.
 24-volt operation
 Resettable four-wire smoke detector power @ 500 Ma
 Non-resettable power @ 500 mA.
 Integral battery charger capable of charging up to 18 AH batteries (batteries over 4 AH require use of the external battery backbox, or ULC listed equivalent).
 One-man walk-test programmable for silent or audible test.
 Disable/Enable control per IDC
 Reverse polarity protection
 Control buttons:
– Mode
– Test
– ACK (Acknowledge) Alarm Silence
– Reset
 Meet UL864, EN-54 standard.

       LED indicators:
– AC Power (green & yellow LED)
– Fire Alarm (red LED)
– Trouble (yellow LED)
– Supervisory (yellow LED)
– Signal Silence (yellow LED)
– Battery Power (green & yellow LED)
– Zone Disable (yellow LED)
– NAC Fault (yellow LED)
– NAC Disable (yellow LED)
– 4/8/16 Zone Alarm (one for each zone) (red LED)
– 4/8/16 Zone Trouble (one for each zone) (yellow LED)
– Earth Fault (on circuit board)
– Battery Fault (on circuit board)
– Charger Fault (on circuit board)


AC Power: AC220V±10% 50Hz, 2.0 amps, minimum 14 AWG wire (2.0 mm²) with 600-volt insulation.
Battery: Sealed lead-acid batteries only, Maximum charging circuit: 27.6VDC @ 0.8 amp for normal flat charge, Maximum battery charger capacity: 18AH battery
NOTE: two 4AH batteries can be housed in the cabinet. Larger batteries require a separate battery box.
Total 24 V system power: 3.0 amps
Notification appliance (signal) power: 2.5 amps
Maximum current per NAC: 1.25 amps (expandable to 2.5 amps)
Auxiliary Outputs: – Resettable four-wire smoke detector power @ 500 mA
– Non-resettable power @ 500 mA
– Integral Form-C Alarm, Trouble and Supervisory relays, rated at: 2.0 amps @ 30 VDC (resistive), 2.0 amps @ 30 VAC (resistive).
NOTE: Total current for auxiliary power outputs and two NACs must not exceed 3.0 amps.
Using environment: Temperature: 0°C~50°C Related Humidity: ≤95% (40±2°C)
Dimensions: 320×260×80mm (length × width × depth)


The cabinet mounts using two key slots at the top of the back and two additional 6.35mm diameter holes at the bottom. The cabinet can be surface mounted. The door is removable during installation; open it and lift it off the hinges.

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